• Sale of a real estate property

    Sale of a real estate property

    located in France by a Swiss resident

    In France, in the event of a sale of a property, the seller is subject to a tax on the capital gain on the property. This tax depends on the difference between the acquisition value and the resale value (capital gain).

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  • The notarial profession

    The notarial profession

    New book by Etienne JEANDIN
    Notary in Geneva

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“A competent notary wherever you are!”

United by the same demanding vision of their profession, the notaries in the UNINOT network are able to provide quality advice and services to their clients.

Our members

Each UNINOT member is able to find a quick and precise answer to any specific question within the network. For more complex cases, the file is, with the client’s agreement, entrusted to the notary consulted, without supplement or retrocession of fees.

In the field of real estate, you must contact a notary who practices in the canton where the property in question is located. UNINOT offers you competent notaries throughout French-speaking Switzerland, in the canton of Ticino and in France.

In the fields of company law, or inheritance law, you are free to choose the notary you want, regardless of the canton, to assist you in these steps.

With the increase in mobility and exchanges, the processing of a case very often requires a thorough knowledge of the laws of different cantons and countries. For example: a second home in another canton, a family living in several places, diversified investments…


Nowadays, for the benefit of his clients, a notary must be able to rely on a network of quality
and reliable contacts, in Switzerland and abroad.